Computer and Power Technology (CPT)

Computer and Power Technology (CPT) is a part of the MDS UAE group of companies which is a market leader in the Gulf Region and the group offers a very wide variety of services. The MDS UAE Group is in turn part of the Midis Group which has many company groups worldwide.

These days information security business is very critical. If a company is unable to protect the security of its information then reputations will be damaged because they were unable to protect the privacy of information about staff and customers and that is very bad for their credibility. CPT can make sure that never happens to you and that your information is always secure and we have a great market share with key customers in many verticals.

CPT is partnered with many well known vendors in information security and we sell solutions for Endpoint Security, Perimeter Security, Datacenter Security, Behavioral Analytics, Antivirus, Firewall and other things that are all essential to protect your company from cyber attacks. We specialize in providing Cisco solutions for Data Centers, Cyber Security, Collaboration and Cisco SDN – ACI. CPT has won an award from Cisco for being an outstanding partner.