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Custom IT support services

IT services are the backbone of any organization today. Regular maintenance of data centres, network infrastructures, servers and cloud instances are critical to the business and in most cases require a third-party specialist organization.

With CPT, you’ll find a trusted ally which provides maintenance and support services that suit your organization and your IT infrastructure environment.

Support Services in UAE
IT Support Services UAE

24 * 7 Professional support

CPT is the leading third-party data center maintenance company in UAE. We have a dedicated and an experienced workforce which ensures smooth and quality service delivery each time.

You will gain an operational advantage with flexible contracts and service agreements, a 24/7 support center with immediate incident escalation, and direct access to our field service and advance engineering teams.

CPT support and service a wide range of manufacturers

Our customizable services include


24 X 7 dedicated multi skilled technicians.


Single-stop solution provider for multi-vendor IT environments.


International contract management.


ISO Quality accreditations and ITIL processes.

Preventive Maintenance

Shift your focus from protection and prevention

Our maintenance service streamlines the hardware support process and helps data center boosts uptime, by proactively identifying faults 24/7 without the need for any customer action of any kind.

More informed alerts result in better-prepared responses and a greater success in first-time fixes.

CPT will help your organization to control and reduce costs on maintenance services, thereby allowing you to focus on its core strategic services.

IT Support Services in UAE


Organizations must be equipped to detect any cyber incident.


Organizations must implement the appropriate measures to quickly identify cybersecurity events.


Organizations must develop and implement the appropriate safeguards to limit or contain the impact of a potential cybersecurity event.


Should a cyber incident occur; organizations must have the ability to contain the impact and restore any capabilities or services that were impaired.