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Cloud Technology

A growing number of organizations are adapting cloud technologies to boost operating efficiency and increase flexibility in the way they do business. CPT with its experienced and an expert team guides companies in adapting to cloud that involves an audit of existing architecture, understanding the implications on workflow and operations, and an outlining of how services can be managed using cloud.

CPT helps businesses tap into the unlimited potential of Cloud Solutions and benefit from the speed of implementation, ease of use, and the affordability plus scalability of an on-demand deployment. CPT’s Cisco cloud solutions in UAE consist of services that advise, build, execute, and manage the company’s services using cloud optimized delivery architectures.

Cisco cloud services in uae

Improving business and market base through Cloud coverage

CPT’s key cloud-based services include Hybrid Cloud, Advisory Services, Cisco Cloud Services, Containerization of Services and Managed Services. CPT develops a migration strategy, and deliver end-to-end solutions – strategy, planning, deployment, upgrade, training, support & maintenance services that are optimized to meet business needs and cost specifications.

CPT provides you with an infrastructure that scales as you grow, providing you with the necessary IT resources, security and 24×7 uptime and availability and enabling your organization to grow without worrying about security, uncontrolled spending, rightsizing and optimizing IT infrastructure.

Cloud Strategy and Planning

Our experts will work with you to understand your current environment and develop a cloud migration STRATEGY tailored to your business needs. The strategy is used to develop a PLAN to get you to the Cloud in a timely, cost effective, and secure way.

Cloud Migration

The cloud strategy and the plan now determined, our team works with you to make the migration process go smoothly, minimizing costs, downtime and disruptions with our managed migration service. We also make sure your applications are fully optimized and modernized for Cloud technology to ensure cost efficiency and security.

Cloud support and maintenance

Our support services enable you to operate in the cloud with confidence without the burden of dedicating resources to maintenance or support. We will create and manage a scalable cloud infrastructure which we fully support, manage and monitor on your behalf, ensuring peace of mind, security, and cost efficiency.

Cloud Governance, Upgrades and Security

Cloud operating environments are dynamic and are constantly evolving. Out team works with you to evaluate and implement new features, capabilities and enhancements against budgetary, security, and regulatory requirements.